Dog Boarding


Lodging at Charm City Dogs is like a little vacation for your pooch.

We do not crate or cage your pet during their stay with us. On a typical day the boarding dogs can play all morning and afternoon with their boarding friends and our daycare visitors. Quiet times are worked in throughout the day. In the evening we’ll provide them with individual feeding areas so that they can dine undisturbed. Then they’ll sleep on doggy beds and fresh blankets in the same familiar areas they play in during the day.

More good news: Charm City Dogs is staffed around the clock to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. Once all the pups are fed and the place has been cleaned and scrubbed down, we’ll even curl up with them! We’re a  home away from home!

Of course, when it’s time to pick up, you can do so at your convenience.  Does your plane come in late at night? Do you work other than 9-5? No problem! Drop off and pick up is 24/ 7. Yes, 24/7! Simply let us know your plans during your reservation and we’ll be holding the leash when you get here.


Duration Price
Boarding (24 hour increments) $55
Night care  12 hours 7pm to 7am $33
Don’t forget to ask for a bath and/or nails at the end of your stay!
Bath $20
Nails $15