Meet the Staff

What makes us the best? It’s our team! We all love dogs and are dedicated to making the care and comfort of your dog our TOP priority! We’ll make sure they’re playing safely, feeling good, eating their food and resting comfortably. If there’s a concern, we’ll contact you. If special accommodations need to be made, we’ll roll out the red carpet. It’s what we do!

Tom and Lynn Edwards

Tom and Lynn are the new guardians of Charm City Dogs as of April 1, 2012. Lynn’s mother was a SPCA animal control officer in NY and introduced Lynn to a lifetime of animal rescue and care work. Lynn has been employed in and has volunteered in animal shelters, animal rescue groups, veterinary practices and has provided foster care. She has also been a professional pet sitter. In 1997, Lynn and partner created the still wonderful Baltimore Dog Bakery. Dogs, dogs, dogs!

Tom and Lynn live in Parkville, near Tom’s family, with their 2 dogs and 2 cats. Tom will continue his work for the Department of Defense and teaching Ju Jitsu. Lynn will leave her career in non-profit human services to work at Charm City Dogs starting June 1, 2012. They look forward to many happy years caring for Charm City Dogs.

Tom’s sister, Cindi, has joined in at Charm City Dogs and brings her enthusiasm and great love for dogs.

Ruthie and Joe Skelton

Joe and Ruthie SkeltonRuthie and Joe are married and both work at Charm City Dogs. Together they have 2.5 children, Carly, Aiden, and their beloved dog, Neutral. Ruthie is from Baltimore and is a certified dog trainer. She has been with Charm City Dogs since October 2009 and has extensive experience, knowledge, and love of dogs. She believes in teaching with positive methods. Joe is an overnight caregiver for Charm City Dogs and has gained some of his skills working with dogs through helping Ruthie during her schooling. Ruthie and Joe help to keep the family atmosphere going strong at Charm City Dogs.

Erin Marcus

Erin MarcusErin has worked at Charm City Dogs since 2010, and has been thrilled to get to know many of our fantastic canine clients.  She shares her home with a wonderful Jack Russell Terrier, Endymion, who lives up to the Greek god status of his namesake!  Erin has been vegan since 2002 out of ethical concern for animals. When she’s not working at Charm City Dogs, she acts as a director of a nonprofit animal advocacy organization, Open the Cages Alliance, which empowers people to help animals through educational programs that promote vegan lifestyles.

Tiffani Vittello

Tiffani VitelloTiffani is a student and has been an overnight caregiver at Charm City Dogs just about from the very beginning. This is a picture of her and her cat Mitzi. Animals have always been a big part of Tiffani’s life so working at Charm City Dogs is her dream job. She always brings her Yorkie puppy Roxi to work with her. Roxi is very playful and absolutely loves meeting new dogs. When she’s not working at Charm City Dogs, she’s usually out walking with Roxi and her three crazy labs or relaxing at home with her three cats.

Jason Fischer

IMAG6045-1My name is Jason, I’m 21 years old and before working at Charm City Dogs I volunteered at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada; and currently studying Interior Design.
I have always loved dogs, and enjoy working at CCD. I love the open playroom concept for the dogs, and it really does make their stay more enjoyable.



Michael Rager

Mike With Koby

Mike started working at CCD  05/12 . For a number years he has worked in other Kennels with closed runs and kennel cages but really enjoys our open boarding and daycare! Mike likes to play, run,  jump and cuddle with our four legged clients and despite some minor allergies,  really enjoys his time here.